Monday, March 17, 2008

New Web on the Block

The is available to browse. Please visit for information on the frogs of Peninsular Malaysia.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi everyone. I am an Ornate Frog or Horned Frog aka Mr Pac Man because of my propensity to gobble up anything that moves, including your finger when trying to feed me. I am not a native species here. I camePac Man from South America. I am an albino, thus, my eyes are red. Normally, I am green in colour. I was bred here in Malaysia, and along with my colleagues, were on our way to oversea, when we were confiscated by the PERHILITAN at KLIA. Now, I await my doom because I am not allowed to go free. They believe that I have the tendency to wipe out all the native species here, which is true actually (getting sheepish now). I dont want to cause any trouble in Malaysia and I hope that if anyone of u saw me or my kind, please inform the authority (PERHILITAN) as soon as possible. I cannot help the way I am but it's not my fault too. I love to eat!!! If u have kids that keep us as pets, and maybe one day decide not to keep us anymore, please do not throw us out there in the big world. At least send us somewhere safe, again to PERHILITAN, so that they would help us find new families. I suppose I may end up immortalised as an education specimen to help your countrymen/women about the importance of preserving native species. Or I may grow big and healthy in an aquarium under watchful eyes. Thank you for your kind attention. Who knows we might see each other again.....